Tips & Tricks of the Trade

At Breeze Heating & Cooling, your comfort comes first! To discuss your heating or cooling repair with one of our Middle Tennessee HVAC technicians, give us a ring or shoot us an email. In the meantime, remember the following helpful hints to maintain the safety and performance of your indoor comfort systems:

Aging ductwork and HVAC equipment can lead to dangerous situations, so it‘s important to schedule regular safety inspections. Maintenance programs also help to pinpoint future problems, keep equipment clean and functional, and reduce burgeoning energy bills.

Gas odor, carbon monoxide alarms and sparking wires indicate an HVAC emergency. If you encounter these problems, do not touch electrical switches or use your phone. Leave your property immediately, and contact the local utility and fire department when you are offsite.

Carbon monoxide is a harmful odorless gas. Exposure leads to a range of symptoms, including dizziness and headache, nausea and vomiting, breathing difficulties, and muscle weakness. In the worst cases, home and business owners become incapacitated or may even die from CO2 poisoning.

Protect your family, employees and guests by installing high-quality carbon monoxide detectors throughout your home or business. Test the detectors regularly, and replace them according to manufacturer recommendations (every 2 to 5 years).

If you are not using a programmable thermostat, you are missing out on energy savings. Today‘s high-tech programmable thermostat models are attractive, easy to read and simple to program—and many can be controlled directly from your mobile device! Create a customized heating or cooling profile that adjusts based upon your habits: when you are sleeping, when you leave for a few hours, or when you go on vacation. You could be saving up to 30 percent in annual energy costs if you use the device properly. Ask a Breeze technician about installing your new programmable thermostat and training you to use it!

Committed to your everyday comfort, Breeze Heating & Air specializes in the installation of high-efficiency HVAC equipment. Optimizing indoor climate and controlling your energy bills, these systems are the ideal blend of old-school quality and innovative technology.

Change your filter every one to three months, depending upon the season and the frequency of HVAC use. High-quality allergen filters are worth the investment, especially if you have asthma or allergy problems.

Schedule an indoor air quality consultation. You may need a specialized filtration system, dehumidifier or UV light in order to breathe easier. Your Breeze technician can recommend options that suit your budget and health requirements.

To inquire about HVAC safety, indoor air quality or home climate management, call 615-523-9898 today—or email to schedule a consultation. You can also visit the ENERGY STAR™ website for additional tips on energy efficiency and equipment performance.