Go Green with the Breeze Team

Did you now that nearly one half of your home‘s energy is used to power heating and cooling systems? That equates to inflated utility bills and a growing carbon footprint. Respectful of your budget and the environment, Breeze Heating & Cooling provides green, energy-efficient solutions that conserve natural resources, reduce energy waste and keep you comfy.

Eco-friendly heating and cooling options include:

In addition to recommending and supporting green HVAC products, Breeze is working to reduce our own carbon footprint. We‘re transitioning to paperless filing and billing processes, investing in new fuel-efficient vehicles, and participating in interoffice recycling. For your safety and convenience, we‘re also a certified mercury thermostat drop-off point: ensuring the safe disposal of mercury-containing devices.

To learn more about Breeze‘s green initiatives, or to discuss sustainable options for your new or replacement HVAC system, call 615-523-9898 today, or email breezehc@gmail.com